Business Writing in English – 2 gg

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To attract the attention of today’s busy readers, you must respond to their need for clarity and conciseness in written communication. You’ll get the business writing skills you need, overcome writer’s block, learn to recognize and avoid common mistakes and receive a toolkit of proven techniques for delivering information powerfully, persuasively and professionally.

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This course is designed to improve participant’s ability to get a clear and appropriate written message across.

Participants will learn how to construct essential business documents including emails, letters, memos, and reports.

Specific attention will be given to the impact of cross-cultural differences on written communication in an international business setting.


This course is designed for managers of all levels and professionals who work in a multi-cultural, environment and need to be able to get a clear message across in written language. The take-away will be to understand the key points about written communication and a set of key expressions to be readily used.


The course is very practical and deals with the most frequent international business situations people have to face. Participants will be involved in solving real problems and asked to work on examples close to their job. All writing will be done in the classroom with immediate feedback and correction.

Course Contents

Key principles

  • How to write successfully
  • How to organize the text

What content

  • Formal or informal: setting the right tone
  • Key vocabulary
  • Grammar and usage
  • “How do you say…?” Ritual phrased

Writing effectively for a multi-cultural audience

  • The multi-cultural issues
  • The Lewis Model

Golden rules


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