Negotiating Internationally – 2 gg

Negotiating is a complex exercise in communication in any culture and in any language. It is much more difficult when we have to do it in a language different from ours and with people who are culturally different from ourselves. This hands-on seminar gives you a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation. You must identify the problem, understand it from the other’s perspective, generate alternative solutions and select a solution that benefits both sides. All parties need each other to achieve their goals. Negotiation focuses on solving the problem and closing the gap between what both parties want.

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  • Learn about your own cultural background and how it affects the way you behave in a negotiating situation.
  • We will work on how someone from another culture might behave in a negotiating situation and where problems of intercultural communication could arise.
  • Learn how to get a “win-win” result.


This course is designed for managers of all levels and professionals who work in a multicultural, multinational environment and who need to be able to get a clear message across in English to a multicultural audience.


International negotiations: added levels of complexity

We will learn the importance of cultural knowledge of the others to adjust our communication style to achieve desired results and how someone from another culture might behave in a negotiating situation.


The course is based on “role-paly with feedback”, group work and self-reflection.

Course Contents

Introduction to the negotiation process

  • Explain the business importance of taking a win-win approach to negotiation
  • Describe what influences the negotiation process

Planning the content of your negotiation

  • Determine alternatives to a settlement before negotiating
  • Learn about the importance of using a negotiation planning guide

International negotiations: added levels of complexity

  • Cultural self-awareness: where being successful begins
  • Cultural knowledge of the others: where might we expect problems?

Negotiation stages

  • Chart the course of a negotiation through its five stages from both the content and relationship
  • Identify the causes of resistance you may face during negotiation process

Communication style

  • Determine your style of communication
  • Adjust your style to get the results you want


  • Apply the structured persuasion model to improve your ability to convince others of your point of view

Planning a strategy for international negotiation

  • Consider various dynamics that impact the negotiation process
  • Use of space, time, environment

Negotiating with a team

  • Explain how to organize, control and effectively manage a team

Negotiation ploys and tactics: measures and countermeasures

  • Why you need to know ten key negotiation tactics


The course is based on role-play with feedback, group work and self-reflection.


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